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EVOLIS Vision: the most popular Radar Speed Sign for communities of all sizes


Are you looking for a solution to reduce speed in your community? Are you looking for ways to bring peace of mind to residents regarding road safety?

The EVOLIS Vision Speed Indicator Device (SID) helps you to change the behaviour of motorists over the long term:

  • Significant and sustained reduction in speeding
  • Recording of traffic statistics in both directions
  • The most popular “reference” model in the world

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Radar Speed Signs in brief

Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) are not punitive – they are informative and preventive. By confronting the motorist with the display of his speeding, immediate and lasting speed reductions of 25% on average are obtained. The traffic statistics recorded allow you to judge its effectiveness, to benefit from additional decision-making tools and to provide a rapid and objective response to any complaints from local residents.


DISTINCTIVE DISPLAY that makes it the most effective Radar Speed Sign

  • More visibility, less speed when driving
  • A three-colour display according to speed
  • Customisable messages tailored to community needs
  • A precise, long-range Doppler antenna (300 metres)

SMART: A connected Radar Speed Sign for efficient analysis

  • Recording of statistics in both directions of traffic: vehicle count, average and maximum speeds, time stamps, V30/V50/V85 percentiles
  • Intuitive software to analyse your traffic data
  • Can be connected via Bluetooth / USB or 3G/4G remote

RESISTANT: a time-tested reliability

  • Extremely high-resistance anti-vandalism and anti-corrosion housing
  • A robust front panel
  • 2-year warranty on parts and labour
  • A service agreement for your comfort


  • Designed for easy installation
  • Pre-configured for immediate start-up
  • 4 power modes to suit your requirements
  • Lightweight construction for one-person handling and installation

You’re the one to make the choice!

Our customers are our best ambassadors. We always value our customers’ opinions.

The general reaction has been very positive and we view these units as a valuable additional to improving road safety and educating road users of the limits to which they should be driving. Those who use the route regularly are much more aware of the speed at which they should be driving.

Chris Bell

Chair St Day Parish Council

St Day Parish Council, England
I have to say that we are absolutely delighted with the new device and we have had lots of positive comments from residents who are also very impressed. I am sure we will be placing a further order with you in the New Year.

Cllr Craig Bowne

Alderley Edge Parish Council

Alderley Edge Parish Council, England
A few years ago the speed limit was reduced to 40 miles an hour but drivers do not always comply/realise/ reduce speed. The speed radar has been erected as you leave Back village as a reminder of the continued 40 mile limit and hopefully to prevent speeding on this road which has no pavement or street lights.

Cathy Macinnes

Back Community Council

Back Community Council, Scotland

Increased efficiency due to long driver/display time

The EVOLIS Vision Speed Indicator Device has a radar range and an optimum visibility of up to 250 metres, so the driver is confronted with his speed for longer. Research has shown that the longer the sign is visible, the greater the impact on driver behaviour.

The longer the detection range, the more the driver comes face-to-face with their speed and the bigger the radar’s effect!

The visibility of the display is enhanced by:

  • The use of high-efficiency OSRAM diodes
  • A photo sensor light management system ensuring that you maintain excellent visibility even in bright sunlight
  • A 3-row LED speed display: a high resolution that greatly enhances visibility

The Full Led text matrix of the Speed Indicator Sign allows you to select messages for specific locations or time slots: for example, protecting the area around a school after classes. You can also alert drivers with two or three alternating flashes of messages to counteract a habitual effect.

Elancity - Evolis Vision the radar speed signs to change the behaviour of motorists - explanatory diagram of the detection range - UK
alt=Elancity - Evolis Vision the speed indicator device to an immediate and lasting speed reductions - left view product - UK

Smart for easy connection to your IT

The Radar Speed Sign records traffic statistics in both directions. Equipped with a large internal memory (more than 1 million events), EVOLIS Vision generates data that can be easily exploited and exported to Excel or PDF files. It accurately counts the number of vehicles per time slot or speed slot, the average or maximum speeds and also the V30, V50 or V85 percentiles. The EVOLIS Vision Radar Speed Display Sign also has a spy mode to compare the behaviour of drivers with the speed sign turned off.

With our software and smartphone application, you can easily configure the Radar Indicator Speeds and retrieve the recorded data.

You can exchange data with your Speed Indicator Signs via USB cable, Bluetooth or 3G / 4G networks.

Reliable and durable for the long term

The EVOLIS Vision pole-mounted Radar Speed Sign boasts a robust one-piece structure made from reinforced ABS-Polycarbonate resin. This design ensures exceptional longevity and durability, with the device being fully waterproof (IP65 certified).

Moreover, it is resistant to UV radiation and adverse weather conditions, eliminating any risk of corrosion due to the absence of external screws or bolts. The front face of the device is treated with an anti-reflective coating, guaranteeing optimal visibility under all circumstances.

These features collectively make the EVOLIS Vision Radar Speed Sign a highly reliable and safe investment for the long term. Furthermore, the device is backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty, offering additional peace of mind to its users.

Elancity - Evolis Vision the radar speed display signs which record traffic statistics in both directions - left view product - UK

As easy to install as it is to use on a daily basis

Extremely light (less than 10 kg), it can be easily transported to cover all risk areas.

The Speed Indicator Device (SID) is delivered fully assembled and ready for use. A speed selector in the back of the unit sets the maximum speed limit permitted at the location where the device is installed.

Thanks to its universal mounting bar, the Radar Speed Display Sign can be easily adapted to any existing support, making its installation possible by a single person.

To adapt to all locations, the EVOLIS Vision Speed Indicator Device exists in 4 power supply options: solar, electric (permanent AC or public lighting), hybrid, or battery-powered with external charger.

Discover EVOLIS Mobility as well!

The EVOLIS Speed Indicator Device, without text display. Available in triangle or smiley version.


Do you still have questions?

How effective are Speed Indicator Devices really? Wouldn’t motorists get used to them in the long term?

Our customers have not observed that motorists start to ignore the Speed Indicator Device after driving past them multiple times. On the contrary, the data mostly show higher average speeds when the Speed Indicator Device has been moved to another location.

If, however, you are concerned that motorists will eventually stop paying attention to the Radar Speed Display Signs Indicator Device (SID), you can:

  • Move the Radar Speed Display: as it is light and easily transportable, you can position it at strategic or accident-prone locations. With this strategy, you can secure several sites in the area, obtain new statistics, and keep motorists alert to their speed.
  • Personalising the messages displayed: for example, with the inscription “Too Fast” if the speed is excessive
  • Activating the spy mode: leaving the screen black, while the Speed Indicator Display is running, continues to record its data and allows a comparison with the screen on/off

The numerous reorders from our customers (more than 30%) remain for us the best proof of the effectiveness of the EVOLIS Vision Radar Speed Sign.

Will my solar powered Radar Speed Signs be autonomous all year round?

Yes, your Radar Speed Limit Sign will be! The latest generation 100 Watt solar panel works even in cloudy weather. Its two integrated batteries, each with 12V / 22Ah, can be recharged in half a day of sunlight and provide 1 to 2 weeks of autonomy, with 80% of our customers choosing this low-energy solution.

Will we be able to install the Radar Driver Feedback Sign ourselves?

Yes, the Radar Speed Display was designed to be easily set up and operated by the user. Its lightweight structure and universal mounting bar make it adaptable to all supports and its wide detection angle of 30° allow an installation without specific orientation. You can easily change the display parameters with a speed zone selector. All these characteristics allow the Speed Indicator Signs to be used in a portable way. However, our teams remain at your disposal should you encounter any difficulties.

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