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EVOTRAFFIC, the easy-to-use Traffic Counter and analysis tool

EVOTRAFFIC is an accurate and efficient traffic counter for analysing traffic patterns in your community. By collecting traffic data, you can estimate road usage over specific periods, enabling you to make informed decisions about road improvements and assess noise pollution affecting local residents.

The automatic traffic counter can gather information such as:

  • Detailed traffic statistics: number of passages, speeds and classification by vehicle type, in both directions
  • Maximum accuracy due to tube detection (no calibration)
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use data processing software

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EVOTRAFFIC Automatic Traffic Counter at a Glance

This tool makes it possible to check the traffic flow and the fluidity of traffic routes. Tube counting is recognised for its accuracy, so the data generated enables traffic to be analysed and measured in detail. This allows local authorities to identify road black spots and to establish where urban developments should be carried out in order to improve traffic problems and increase road safety.

In addition, the EVOTRAFFIC automatic traffic counter differentiates between 4 categories of vehicles, making it possible to refine the analyses considerably.


  • The variety of statistics produced by the automatic traffic counter EVOTRAFFIC gives an accurate and easily interpreted picture of road traffic.
  • Automated reporting eliminates the need to call in a service provider to review the count.


  • As the reports have the autonomy of 6 months and the storage memory of 2 million axles, all communities have the resources to carry out their own counting campaigns.
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  • The EVOTRAFFIC tubes are easily installed on the road with the 4 nails provided. The traffic counter is set up and fully operational within 30 minutes.

Complete and reliable statistics, easy to use

The software included with the automatic traffic counter EVOTRAFFIC produces complete, easy-to-interpret reports that do not require the use of an external service provider. Statistics are classified in 3 distinct categories:

  • number of vehicles per time slot
  • vehicles divided into 4 categories: 2-wheelers, Light vehicles, Trucks and other vehicles between 3.5 and 19 tons, Heavy vehicles
  • average and maximum speeds

The counting is carried out by the air influxes caused by the passage of the wheels over the pneumatic tubes, which enables accurate data to be modelled.

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Elancity - Evotraffic the automatic traffic counter in uk to assess noise pollution affecting local residents - without tubes - UK

Equipment designed for communities

The data storage capacity of 2 million axles allows counting campaigns to be carried out over a sufficiently long period of time to give a realistic view of traffic. The EVOTRAFFIC road traffic counter is very light (1.1 kg) and compact (240 x 120 x 48 mm), so it can be moved easily and go unnoticed on the roadside. Moreover, its lithium battery gives it an autonomy of 6 months on average.

Simple and secure installation & connection

Install the tubes in the roadway, and simply connect them to the box of the traffic counter and set them up to start counting.

There are 3 methods to securely fix the pressure hose vehicle counter:

  • fixed to the ground with screws or nails;
  • chained around a solid anchor point (pole, tree, etc…);
  • at the foot of a pole using clamps.
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Are you still having doubts?

What is the interest for a municipality to buy the EVOTRAFFIC vehicle counter?

The affordable price of this vehicle counter makes it a promising investment for a municipality, and there is no need to call upon a third party company, in order to carry out a count and quickly assess the traffic on its entire territory. 

The product’s ease of use also makes it completely autonomous when installed across a traffic lane so you can independently read and analyse the data.

Why is it not possible to remotely extract the data from the EVOTRAFFIC pneumatic road tube counter ?

The product is designed to be portable! It is installed at a location for a specific period of time, between two dates. The data can then be retrieved directly from the device at the end of this period, at the operating site or at the office. Then the automatic traffic counter can be moved to another location if you wish.

Why choose tubes for the EVOTRAFFIC automatic traffic counter over an antenna?

The tubes of the traffic counter react to the air blown by the vehicles as they pass. This makes them far more accurate so their data is more reliable. In addition, all moving vehicles are taken into account, in contrast to an antenna as this, for example, might not count a car following closely behind a lorry.

Is the categorization of vehicles proposed by the EVOTRAFFIC road traffic counter useful?

Categorisation enables you to precisely define the necessary improvements to be made in the municipality and to justify any subsidies to be requested. For example, if the pneumatic road tube counter EVOTRAFFIC counts a significant number of heavy goods vehicles on a road, the local authority will know that the tarmac must be a greater thickness at this point, so these improvement can be calculated into the budget.

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