ELAN CITE_ VISUELS PROMO 1000X667_V43 en corrigé
ELAN CITE_ VISUELS PROMO 1000X667_V43 en corrigé

EVOLIS Vision: Radar speed display signs

Join the movement to make exemplary road safety a reality with our EVOLIS electronic speed radar signs. With advanced radar speed display and speed indicator technology, our digital speed limit signs are the epitome of precision and compliance. Trust in EVOLIS Vision to significantly reduce speeds by 25%.

  • LED display: Promote safer driving and secure a definitive impact on passing drivers with our crystal-clear display using long-range LEDs.
  • Data collection: Discover the perfect solution for monitoring traffic and identifying speed infringements with our sophisticated electronic radar speed signs. Effortlessly regulate traffic flow with EVOLIS Vision.
  • Variable message: Keep drivers informed and educated about their speed instantly with real-time updates on our LED screens. Choose between a friendly smiley or a cautionary exclamation triangle to convey your personalised message.

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EVOLIS Vision: LED radar speed signs in action

From motorways to city streets, our LED radar speed signs keep drivers informed, making roads safer for all. By providing real-time speed displays, drivers are immediately alerted to excessive speeds. Empower drivers in your community with a digital radar speed sign system offering a potent and enduring solution for safer roads. Enhance road safety with the EVOLIS Vision digital radar speed sign, a model endorsed by mayors from various cities, trusted in over 10,000 communities worldwide, with more than 30,000 units installed globally. 

Radar speed sign specifications

Display specifications
Power specifications
Traffic statistics 
Other technical information

Speed digits 

Speed digits3 digits (0 to 199)  
Dimensions380 x 450 mm  
ColoursGreen, amber and red  
Visibility3-row thick LEDs


ColoursGreen and red 
Dimensions300 x 300 mm 

Message/Graphic display 

Dimensions160 x 640 mm (H x W), 1 line of 8 characters/2 lines of 11 characters
Programmable messagesText and pictograms 


OSRAM CMSHigh-luminosity, ultra-low consumption 
Service life> 100,000 hours 

Photosensitive cell 

Photosensitive cell High-precision sensor for adaptation to light 

Configuration settings

LocalUSB and Bluetooth® (PC or Android/IOS mobile appliance with the mobile app) 
Selector dial for pre-set speed bands 
Remote4G modem with web interface (for the operational status of the appliance and statistical analysis) 


BatteriesLead-acid 12 V/22 Ah 
Weight for one battery6.2 kg 
Dimensions for one battery181 x 76.2 x 167 mm (L x W x H) 

Charging by solar panel 

Power100 W solar panel 
Dimensions806 x 680 x 35 mm (L x W x H) 
OtherMonocrystalline high-output cells 
Smart charging management 

Charging from street lighting or grid 

Internal power220 V 
OtherSmart charging management  
Integrated protection fuse 

Traffic statistics 

AnalysisIn both traffic directions (incoming/outgoing) 
DataAverage and maximum speeds, number of vehicles, time stamps and percentiles (V30/V50/V85) 
Memory16 Mb. Up to 5 million vehicles can be recorded. 
OperationWith the software package. Output exportable in Microsoft Excel, CSV or PDF format. 


Dimensions710 x 770 x 160 mm (W x H x D), with two battery slots 
Weight9.2 kg (excl. batteries)
MaterialABS resin, anti-UV, one-piece injection moulded body 
ColourGrey, through dyed 
Ingress protectionIP65
SecurityLock and specific key, with provision for padlock
User accessExternal access to batteries, the speed change interface and the USB port. Secured by two locks. 

Front face 

MaterialPolycarbonate with a non-reflective surface 
Decoration and textRegulatory red and white border with silkscreened text 
“Your speed”Reverse silkscreen printing 
ShapeConvex for optimum protection against projectiles 


RangeUp to 300 metres 
AccuracyWithin 1% 
Angle of detection33 degrees 
Frequency24.200 GHz 


RED Directive 2014/53/EU 

RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU 

WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU 

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The Portable Speed Indicator Device, without text display. Available in triangle or smiley version.


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