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Reducing speed and establishing preventative measures to make accident-prone areas safer

Looking for straightforward cost-effective ways to reduce speeding and restore a safe environment for local residents? Our innovative solutions will boost driver awareness of their speed, reducing excessive speeding over the long term.


Generating traffic statistics to help decision-making

Traffic flow is always changing as communities grow and demographics change. When you are considering new road developments, you need accurate up-to-date traffic statistics to ensure you make the right decisions based on factual data. We have the equipment to help you accurately calculate your traffic statistics so you can make appropriate cost-effective changes for your community.


Broadcasting municipal information

When you need to broadcast essential community information to residents quickly and effectively, you can benefit from our communication tools. With Elan City, you can broadcast municipal information to the public and keep everyone up to date on immediate community issues.

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Efficient, reliable, ecological and easy to use, the Elan City range of products have won the trust of communities around the world.

EVOLIS Vision Radar Speed Sign

EVOLIS Vision Radar Speed Sign


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Since its creation in 2005, more than 10,000 local authorities have chosen Elan City solutions. We rely on 100% French production for all our products, which are exported to over 50 countries around the world.

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The general reaction has been very positive and we view these units as a valuable additional to improving road safety and educating road users of the limits to which they should be driving. Those who use the route regularly are much more aware of the speed at which they should be driving.

Chris Bell

Chair St Day Parish Council

St Day Parish Council, England
I have to say that we are absolutely delighted with the new device and we have had lots of positive comments from residents who are also very impressed. I am sure we will be placing a further order with you in the New Year.

Cllr Craig Bowne

Alderley Edge Parish Council

Alderley Edge Parish Council, England
A few years ago the speed limit was reduced to 40 miles an hour but drivers do not always comply/realise/ reduce speed. The speed radar has been erected as you leave Back village as a reminder of the continued 40 mile limit and hopefully to prevent speeding on this road which has no pavement or street lights.

Cathy Macinnes

Back Community Council

Back Community Council, Scotland
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