Solar EVOCITY: innovation improving the communication of information


EVOCITY, the public information display system facilitates communication between communities and their inhabitants in real time.

Its simple installation, low energy consumption and full autonomy in its solar version offer the ideal economic solution for sharing information with local residents.

  • 100% autonomous in the solar version
  • Best quality/price ratio on the market
  • The electric version can easily be installed on public lighting lamp-posts

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About the LED display board

Draft, transmit and display in a few minutes! EVOCITY is a modern tool for displaying information for councils and associations, providing residents with easy access to news of local events. Capable of conveying clear short messages with pictograms, it plays a central role in community life, keeping residents informed and involved.

Visible and legible

  • Perfect visibility with latest-generation Osram LEDs, reading angle range of 120°
  • Flexible text format with up to 8 lines of 19 characters
  • Includes pictograms for rapid understanding

Simplified installation: Solar and/or mains power supply

  • 100% autonomous with solar energy
  • Improved adaptability thanks to the possibility of connecting it to existing networks
  • Ingenious design for simplified installation and maintenance, whatever the power source chosen
  • Installation possible on already-existing supports
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Intuitive and connected

  • Easy drafting for multiple devices via an intuitive interface
  • Smooth connection to the panel via the 4G network or Ethernet
  • Rapid and secure updates for effective communication

Durable and resistant

  • Housing in thermoformed ABS resin and front face in anti-UV-treated polycarbonate
  • Internally coloured to avoid peeling of the housing.
  • Absence of metal to prevent corrosion and ensure a longer service-life.
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New for 2024: 100% autonomous, thanks to its solar panel

Unique on the market: use EVOCITY for dynamic communications while making savings!

No need to worry about the existence or not of a source of electricity when establishing locations!

Guaranteed full autonomy thanks to its monocrystalline 215 watt solar panel connected to two 12 V 80 A-h batteries.

EVOCITY also exists in an electric version: it is the only public information display system that can function connected to the public lighting network.

Optimal legibility 24h/24

Our LED display board has a large graphic area of 96 cm x 64 cm, allowing announcements of up to 8 lines of 19 characters.

It is possible to add text or predefined pictograms to make a greater impact in your communications. It is made up of light-sensitive cells that adapt to the light conditions and make it readable by day and by night.

This ensures that messages will always be seen, regardless of the weather conditions.

Elancity - Evocity The LED signs outdoor to distribute useful information easily to your constituents - front view - UK
Elancity - Evocity The only outdoor LED signs that can operate on a lamppost - front view - UK

Easy to install on a lamp-post

The EVOCITY LED display board is designed for ease of installation on existing urban structures – poles, lamp-posts, etc. – by the local council’s technical services department.

It is therefore suitable for a wide range of possible locations, avoiding the constraint of having to make a concrete block or provide a permanent electricity supply.

Its simple design allows the avoidance of incurring major civil engineering costs during its installation. And there’s margin for error in the choice of its ideal location in the district.

Simplified and secure message writing

This is done via a dedicated and secure Web platform, from a computer or a smartphone, without need for software installation.

Its interface is simple and intuitive so that editing can be done remotely, allowing quick interaction with the public information display system.

Elancity - Evocity The only LED display board that can operate on a lamppost - front view - UK
Elancity - Evocity outdoor LED screens to broadcast the news of municipality - back view - UK

Sturdy and resistant, standing up to the test of time!

Its housing and front face in high-density ABS resin ensure that the EVOCITY is durable and water-proof. It is also highly resistant to impacts and its design without external fasteners excludes any possibility of corrosion.

And there is no paint to peel off over time, as the material is coloured internally. All these factors make the EVOCITY a solid long-term investment.

It is offered at an attractive cost-effective price and thus contributes to the control of the council’s budget.

Still have questions?

Will the size of the EVOCITY outdoor LED be large enough to make them sufficiently visible?

It is not the size of the screen that affects visibility, but the length of the message it is displaying. When a long message is posted on a large screen, the letters are small and the message is difficult to decipher; whereas a short text is more readable and more striking and therefore has a greater impact on viewers. A very large screen with many sentences will be just as difficult to decipher…. We recommend using a short message, possibly with pictograms, as the most effective format. 

The EVOCITY panel is designed:  

  • for small local authorities as a standard communications tool, placed in town centres, in villages, or for pedestrians and motorists in 20 mph zones.
  • for large local authorities as a secondary communications tool for hamlets, villages or specific locations such as waste disposal sites, sports complexes, schools, universities, village halls, etc.

Will you find reasons to communicate with residents? Are outdoor LED signs really a useful investment?

The life of a community thrives on the information it is fed with, which encourages residents to meet, participate in group undertakings, etc. There is never a shortage of news items to share, such as:

  • town or district news: fairs, markets, etc.
  • news from local associations: general meetings, open days, etc.
  • weather forecasts: heatwave or storm warnings, etc.
  • practical information about the town: opening hours of the town hall, library, etc.
  • and so on…

How is the EVOCITY LED information display system powered?

In the 100% autonomous solar version, the EVOCITY is equipped with a 215 watt solar panel, connected to two 12 V 80 A-h batteries. That enables you to enjoy the benefits of responsible daily communication over your entire district without needing to worry about the availability or not of an electrical power supply when choosing where to locate the device.

The electric version of the EVOCITY is also the only public information display system that can function connected to the public lighting network. With just 5 h of continuously active public lighting every night, the EVOCITY is 100% autonomous.

How are EVOCITY outdoor LED screens connected to the message-writing interface?

The panel is connected to Elan City’s secure Web portal via 4G, or connected via Ethernet if it is near an Internet gateway.

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