Elancity - Evoflash the solar powered flashing beacon which help motorists re-spot traffic signs they regularly pass - UK

EVOFLASH, the intelligent flashing beacon

Over time, motorists no longer notice the traffic signs they regularly pass. You can reinforce the impact of the signage with this flashing light, rather than flashing continuously, it is only  activated when a vehicle is detected:

  • vehicle detection triggering in case of speeding
  • adaptation on all supports: universal mounting and solar autonomy

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EVOFLASH Solar Powered Flashing Beacon at a Glance

When the EVOFLASH warning beacon is placed above the signage, it lights up according to the setting – either systematically when a vehicle approaches or when the speed is exceeded. Detection is performed by a Doppler antenna located inside the beacon over a range of 100 metres for maximum impact of the device.

The speed sensor guarantees the effectiveness of the device by strongly sensitising the driver in case of speeding.

Effectively impacts the motorist

  • 2 adjustable operating modes
  • High efficiency and low power LED technology

Easy to install due to:

  • Its universal mountings, which are adaptable to all existing posts and signs
  • Its solar panel and integrated 12V battery make it totally autonomous all year round
Elancity - Evoflash the solar powered beacon light thats adapt on all supports: universal mounting and solar autonomy - UK

Strong for long-term durability

  • Made of high density polycarbonate resin.
  • IP65 waterproof housing. Protected electronic access.
  • 2 year warranty

Increased efficiency through two operating modes

The EVOFLASH yellow flashing beacon light is equipped with a high-performance LED optic with a diameter of 140 mm, ensuring that motorists cannot miss it. The 4 flashing speeds can be easily set using the selector switch inside the secure housing.

The flashing light works in two ways: it can be triggered systematically when a vehicle is approaching or only when speeding.

Elancity - Evoflash the warning beacon thats reinforces the impact of the signage with its flashing light - UK
Elancity - Evoflash the warning beacons which can be installed on any post or lamppost - left view, beacon open - UK

Easily adaptable to existing installations

The EVOFLASH solar powered flashing beacon is designed to reinforce existing signage. It can therefore be installed on any post or lamppost. An adaptation/extension kit allows it to be easily and securely fixed.

Thanks to its solar power supply, the EVOFLASH warning beacon is also completely autonomous and can operate anywhere. The 20 Watts high efficiency polycrystalline solar panel, coupled with the integrated 12V7Ah battery are more than enough to keep the beacon running all year round.

Designed long term usage

Its high density polycarbonate resin structure and IP65 waterproof housing make the EVOFLASH solar powered beacon light a robust device. It is weatherproof, UV resistant and resistant to all forms of corrosion. As with all Elan City products, it comes with a 2 year warranty on parts and labour.

Elancity - Evoflash the solar led flashing lights which have a vehicle detection triggering in case of speeding - front view - UK

Still have questions?

What type of existing signage can the EVOFLASH warning beacons be installed on?

The warning beacons EVOFLASH can be installed on any surface. You can place them above signs such as danger, pedestrian crossing, school, turn, horse riding, right of way, etc…

Are the EVOFLASH solar LED flashing lights difficult to set up?

The setting is simple and is done by a selector located inside the box. You can easily choose the threshold speed that triggers the flashing: either you refer to the speed of the traffic, or you program it to be low so that the lamp flashes at each passage. The flashing speed can be adjusted in 4 ways.

Is the EVOFLASH solar flashing beacon this system truly effective?

Yes, the advantage of this system is that it influences motorists to break their habits and monitor their own speed. You can adjust the speed at which the light flashes and, above all, it is only triggered when you are speeding. Our EVOFLASH solar powered flashing beacon effectively reinforces the existing signage, and challenges the driver on their behaviour.

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