Traffic management is an important priority in every community. There are three key aspects to maintaining proper long-term traffic management: road safety, future road development and communication with residents.

As experts in this field, Elan City can help you establish the right solutions for your community in these three areas, so you can reduce the speed of motorists, have a better knowledge of road traffic and communicate directly with the public.

Our products are designed to help create the solutions you need for your community.

Reducing speed and making accident-prone areas safer through prevention

Most local traffic complaints are directly related to speeding. You know that it is not enough to rely on the civility of motorists to slow down when approaching a school or follow the rules when going through roundabouts. You need solutions that will educate drivers and encourage them to be conscious of controlling their speed. Our products will help you manage traffic speed without sanctions, through an informative approach, quickly and effectively making all your roads safe.


Elan City products to reduce the speed of motorists


Generating traffic statistics to assess community needs

As your municipality expands and the population increases, your local traffic requirements will change. But in order to make effective changes, you need to obtain precise statistics in order to assess the extent of any work to be carried out. You could collect data in order to reduce noise pollution or to identify which traffic modifications are required. Our solutions are reliable and accurate, based on accurate statistics, including every vehicle regardless of its weight or volume.

Elan City products to analyse traffic statistics

Maintaining transparency and community support

When you are preparing to make significant community changes, it is important to keep the community fully informed and up-to-date. Whether you want to deliver local news, town hall announcements, or safety alerts, our products are easily positioned in strategic locations to be seen. With an excellent display quality, they are visible both day and night, with the option of programmable messages or instant bulletins that can be written and broadcast within of minutes.


Our product for the dissemination of municipal information

Keep your community safe!

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