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Elan City, working alongside local authorities to make roads safer and educate communities.
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Speed Indicator Devices in Burnham-On-Sea: An Initiative for Safety
Looking back on an exceptional day with our Swedish distributors Amparo Solutions!
Spring is here, bringing back a whole series of cultural events, community festivities, sporting competitions and more! 🌸☀️
🤩 🫣 Ready to go behind the scenes to see how our products are made?
🎬Learn all about our radar speed signs in this video!
Introducing Solar EVOCITY, a beacon of global innovation as the world’s first and only 100% self-sustaining electronic public information display system☀️
🎉Celebrate World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development on 4 March!
🏆Congratulations Elan City!😁💪
Radar Speed Signs: Proven Results!
✈️🌍Off to Sweden for a sales training course in partnership with our distributor Amparo!
Our EVOLIS Vision Radar Speed Sign bravely certified for its exceptional resilience 🏆👏
Last month in France, the Comtois Federation of Soapbox Cars had the help of our EVOLIS radar speed sign during the staging of its Grand Prix 🏎️🏁
Speeds of 100mph clocked by roadside device in Burnham’s Frank Foley Parkway
Nearly every driver flouts Gosberton 30mph limit
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