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Speed Indicator Devices in Burnham-On-Sea: An Initiative for Safety In response to the rising number of speeding incidents, the town of Burnham-On-Sea in England is taking decisive action. In April 2024, EVOLIS Vision Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) were deployed in two key areas to improve the safety of residents and visitors. Strategic Installation for Maximum Efficiency The streets of Berrow and Stoddens, often characterized […] Read more
Looking back on an exceptional day with our Swedish distributors Amparo Solutions! After our visit to Sweden for a sales session last October, we opened our doors to the Amparo teams for a technical after-sales service training day ⚒️. On the agenda ✅: sharing expertise on the use of EVOCOM, EVOMOBILE, and EVOWEB software to configure the radar remotely, collect traffic data, and explore various available options […] Read more
Spring is here, bringing back a whole series of cultural events, community festivities, sporting competitions and more! 🌸☀️ With our 100% solar-powered EVOCITY information display board, spreading the word about your upcoming events is effortless. The self-sustaining new version operates with complete autonomy, enabling up-to-date local news to be broadcast in real time. Discover a communication tool that is both user-friendly and energy-efficient! Read more
🤩 🫣 Ready to go behind the scenes to see how our products are made? Explore Elan City’s production journey alongside SEICO – our trusted electronic subcontractor for 15+ years, based in Malville (Loire-Atlantique region, France) ! Take a deep dive into the heart of our industrial expertise! Read more
🎬Learn all about our radar speed signs in this video! Dive into the world of innovation with Elan City, your essential partner for community road safety equipment. Join us as we explore the cutting-edge technology that defines our flagship product: the EVOLIS Vision radar speed sign! Explore the groundbreaking impact of EVOLIS Vision and discover how our non-repressive solution, which is designed and manufactured entirely […] Read more
Introducing Solar EVOCITY, a beacon of global innovation as the world’s first and only 100% self-sustaining electronic public information display system☀️ Crafted by our Product Manager, Antoine Bouvier, and the Elan City R&D team, this cutting-edge communication tool redefines sustainability and efficiency. We are thrilled to unveil this groundbreaking concept! Designed to meet display and information needs without impacting energy expenses, EVOCITY achieves complete autonomy through solar panels . This marks a crucial milestone in our […] Read more
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