Radar Speed Sign: how do they deter speeding?

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Questions about the effectiveness of the EVOLIS Vision Radar Speed Sign

How does the Radar Speed Sign accurately measure speed?

The EVOLIS Vision Speed Indicator Device (SID) is equipped with a Doppler antenna that emits magnetic waves at a certain frequency. These waves bounce off the oncoming vehicle and are sent back to the Radar Speed Sign at a slightly different rate than when they were generated. This difference enables the Radar Speed Sign to accurately calculate the vehicle’s speed, which is then relayed to its displays. The speed is measured in real time and the display is updated every 1.2 seconds to maintain transparency and accuracy.

What types of speeding can be assessed effectively with this method?

The EVOLIS Vision Radar Speed Sign is effective against all types of speeding and works in two ways:
–       When a vehicle exceeds the speed limit by less than 5 mph, the speed is displayed in red, alternating with a Danger Warning triangle and the message SLOW DOWN. At this speed, drivers are not always aware that they are driving too fast. The visual stimulation of the Speed Indicator Device alerts them to their excess speed so they consciously slow down.

–       If the vehicle exceeds the speed limit by more than 5 mph, the speed is not displayed. Instead, the driver will observe the Danger Reminder triangle and a DANGER message. This signal instantly alerts the driver to the danger, and stimulates them to reduce speed.

What are the consequences of installing the EVOLIS Vision Radar Speed Sign?

Our clients have recorded that speeding incidents are reduced by more than 25% as a result of installing an EVOLIS Vision Radar Speed Sign in their municipality.

So why is the EVOLIS Vision Speed Indicator Device (SID) so effective? Firstly, the sign has a long detection range and it is visible under all weather conditions. Secondly, this Radar Speed Sign has a proven psychological impact on the behaviour of drivers who respond to the dynamic display by reducing their speed.

According to a study, the number of speed-related offences drop by around 50% when users pass a Speed Indicator Device (SID), while 25% of those motorists still confuse this sign with its repressive version. Moreover, making a motorist’s speed visible to other road users (pedestrians, cyclists or other motorists) also contributes to the effectiveness of the Speed Indicator Device (SID).

How reliable is the displayed speed?

A reliable Radar Speed Sign must have an antenna with sufficient range and be able to display the measured speed on a regular basis. All antennas used in Elan City products are subjected to rigorous quality testing, which guarantee an accuracy of +/- 1%. The Research and Development efforts carried out by the technical teams of Elan City since its inception have led to an unparalleled reliability in speed display.

Questions about the installation of EVOLIS Vision

What is the average cost of installing EVOLIS Vision?

The average cost of a Speed Indicator Device installation (excluding supplies) depends mainly on the type of power supply you choose:

–       For a solar power supply, the price for the creation of a concrete mass + column and the installation of the unit (Radar Speed Sign + solar panel) is between £500 and £1,000 (excl. VAT),

–       For an electrical power supply, the price for installing the Radar Speed Sign on an existing pole, the installation of a 30 mA circuit breaker and the connection varies between £200 and £400 (excl. VAT).

Our Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) are designed to be installed directly by the local council’s technical teams, which significantly reduces the cost of installation.

Can a town hall install its EVOLIS Vision Radar Speed Sign independently?

Yes, a local council can install a Radar Speed Sign independently, which saves a great deal of money. Solar-powered Radar Speed Signs do not require any special skills for installation and can be installed by one person. In contrast, the electric versions require electrical clearance as they are connected like Christmas decorations (electrical clearance required). The EVOLIS Vision Speed Indicator Device (SID) does not require any specific angle adjustment, as it is sufficient to place it perpendicular to the axis of the road.

Questions on the typology of EVOLIS Vision customers

Which communities are installing Speed Indicator Devices?

All types of communities may require Radar Speed Signs: Groups of residents, urban communities, parish councils, departmental authorities or highway departments.

However, the signs are mostly purchased for communities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, as they are most vulnerable to speeding problems (e.g. crossing of secondary roads). Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) are therefore the ideal solution for road safety, in terms of the investment/result ratio.

More and more towns and cities are limiting their speed to 20 mph and the installation of Radar Speed Signs are designed to help citizens to comply with the regulations.

Why install a Radar Speed Sign in my community?

The main motivation for elected officials to install a Radar Speed Sign in their community is to regulate road traffic, by raising awareness of speeding among motorists, so they make an informed decision to slow down, rather than through a repressive action.

Other reasons we have identified are:

–       Response to requests from residents to reduce noise pollution,

–       Improving the safety of a particular location, such as around schools and hazardous areas. 

–       Collecting traffic statistics (average and maximum speeds, number of vehicles, etc.) to implement specific actions related to traffic and road safety,

–       Enforcing speed limits and local regulations.

Is EVOLIS Vision well accepted by users and local residents?

Yes, they are! Radar speed signs have a good reputation and a positive image as residents become aware of their own speed, making them accountable without punishing them.

Studies show that for 90% of respondents, Speed Indicator Devices are informative, preventive and educational.

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