The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign

Preventing accidents; Keeping the public safe.

Over 20,000 Evolis radar speed signs installed worldwide, in over 45 countries!

The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is a powerful yet budget-friendly traffic-calming tool, ideal for all traffic scenarios and environments. Easy to use & lightweight (22lbs / 10kg) it can be installed at a fixed location or moved from place to place. Dependent on your project, The EVOLIS is powered in one of 3 ways : Electric, Solar or Battery.

The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign’s will detect and communicate with vehicles at up to 300 yards: The latest radar antenna technology, allied to ultra-vivid LEDs and simultaneous message display help modify and correct driver behaviour with an observed speed reduction that averages around 25%.

Dependent on your project, notably as to the preferred power source, there are 3 different Evolis packs to choose from. Regardless of which pack you choose, the in-built features are identical : One of the most remarkable being the bi-directional traffic data collection. The road traffic analysis software that we provide is not only easy to use but comes with no additional or hidden costs. No subscription fees, and all your future software updates are totally free.

The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is designed to remain fully functional even in the most extreme temperatures, high or low. Its injection-moulded resin structure is lightweight, tremendously robust, resistant to stone chips and doesn’t rust. You can install it wherever you wish.

The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is not the only product on the market. That said, we believe that the Evolis stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of best quality, most advanced features and unrivalled value for money. It is for these reasons that we have over 8000 satisfied customers all over the world. Contact us today!


The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is the most versatile radar in the market. Fully functional in extreme cold or heat it can be used at a fixed (permanent) location OR moved from place to place.

Position it as you see fit

Residential areas : Allows you to respond to the concerns of local residents

Around Schools : The Evolis has a timer mode which allows you to match your displays to school hours

Recognised High Risk Areas : Around low bridges, sharp beds, approach roads……….

Private industry : Notably for delivery and loading areas but also for indoor use (forklifts). You can set up the Evolis to display speeds as low as 3mph!

Where other options are not possible : Generally speaking for reasons of cost (construction of a speed bump, chicane or roundabout is considerably more expensive than the  installation of an Evolis radar speed sign) but also for reasons of practicality (a snowplough will struggle to operate around a speed bump….)

Roadworks : The ‘mobile’ Evolis pack (external battery charger) is particularly adapted to this type of use.

Recognised Accident Blackspots

radar speed sign

Weather Resistant

The EVOLIS will withstand the most extreme weather conditions:

  • It is a totally waterproof, sealed unit.
  • Its ABS polycarbonate construction cannot rust and is UV resistant
  • Its components and accessories, notably the batteries, are specifically chosen to withstand extreme temperatures.



All Evolis Radar Speed Signs are identical but the Solar and the Mains Mobile packs are the best adapted if you intend moving the device from location to location.

  • The Mains Mobile (external battery charger) model is particularly well suited to mobile use (there are no external electrical connections involved)
  • The universal mounting brackets are incredibly simple to install and move as required
  • The unit weighs 10kg (22lbs), has no sharp edges and as such, doesn’t require a great deal of physical effort to install & de-install.
radar speed sign


Radar speed signs have been proven to be effective traffic calming tools, but we believe that the Evolis takes the concept to the next level. It is designed with the objective of being the best device in the market, possesses many exclusive features and the end effect is that the recorded speeds in the vicinity of an EVOLIS are reduced by 25% on average! The Evolis…

  • Contains a state of the art Doppler radar antenna that has a DETECTION RANGE of up to 300 yards.
  • Has an ultra-vivid, triple LED speed display that is CLEARLY VISIBLE at a range of 300 yards.
  • Is pre-set with a 2 COLOUR DISPLAY. Below or on-limit speed is displayed in GREEN; speeds in excess of the limit are displayed in RED (If desired, you can easily programme an additional AMBER ‘intermediate’ display)
  • Re-inforces the speed display with a MATCHED MESSAGE DISPLAY: In other words, motorists are confronted, not only with their speed but also with a message that is related to their speed (‘THANK YOU’, ‘SLOW DOWN’ & ‘TOO FAST’ are the factory settings but you can re-programme these if preferred).
radar speed sign
traffic data


Each EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign includes traffic data collection & analysis software. These software packs come FREE with the purchase of the device.

The traffic data can then be downloaded using Bluetooth® (laptop, tablet…), our smart phone application or via a usb cable. As with the software packs, this comes FREE with the purchase of the device.

There are NO subscription fees or other hidden charge for these functions. In addition, all subsequent software updates are also FREE and this applies regardless of how often you use this facility!

Please do bear in mind that not all manufacturers include traffic data collection within the purchase price of their devices. Of those that do, many will subsequently impose considerable subscription fees.

  • The radar allows you to analyse data from both oncoming and outgoing traffic.
  • It stores up to 1 million vehicles in its memory!
  • It includes the easy-to-use software, noted above, that analyses the recorded information and turns it into charts and graphs in pdf format.

The Evolis will pinpoint :

  • Average speeds
  • Fastest speeds
  • 85th percentiles
  • Traffic volumes


No need to be a traffic engineer, electrician, or a rocket scientist! The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is extremely easy to install and operate!

Fast and easy installation:

  • The Evolis is designed so that 1 person can install it in 15 minutes
  • It is a lightweight unit (app 10kg/22lbs) that does not require brute strength to manipulate.
  • It comes with a universal mounting kit that is adapted to the vast majority of posts or poles.
  • It comes with full instructions for installation and set-up.
  • And it is delivered with factory settings that allow you to use the radar as soon as it installed: You simply set the dial to the local speed limit.

Easy-to-use software for the radar set-up and for traffic data analysis:

  • You can easily personalise the speed AND message display.
  • You can analyse traffic data by downloading reports in chart or graph form.
  • Bluetooth® and Smartphone App, for easy up/downloading to and from the radar.
radar speed sign


The Evolis has an average life expectancy of over 5 years and there are many Evolis devices still in operation after more than 10 years service!

Robust Design:

  • Expertly engineered : a sealed and water resistant casing.
  • ABS Polycarbonate construction : a Highly-durable, UV-resistant, non-corrosive materiel.
  • Specially made components, notably the high performance batteries, are designed to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • 2 year Parts & Labour Warranty: included with each Evolis purchase.
  • Warranty Extension: available upon request.
  • Regular & FREE software updates : download these from our website for as long as many times as you wish.


Conforms to all European standards and directives : ISO9001 (2017), RohS 2002/95/CE ,  EN 300440, R&TTE 1999/5/CE,  2004/108/CE  (CEM), FCC part 15, MUTCD….

radar speed sign


Each EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign has identical functionality but there is an important choice to make as regards the power source. There are 3 possible power sources and each is adapted to the type of use that you envisage for your sign (Permanent position or Mobile use). Contact us today, and one of our experts will help you define which pack is the most suitable for your project!


The Evolis Solar Pack

This fully autonomous option is ideal for both permanent placement and occasional portability. The Solar package includes all of the necessary accessories (solar panel, batteries, etc.).

Our best seller!


The Evolis Mains Pack

Is designed for a permanent position and is connected either directly to a permanent mains supply or the street lighting network. This option is ideal when the intention is to focus upon one specific location.


The Evolis Mobile Pack

This is the option best adapted where the intention is to move the device from place to place. It is fully battery-operated but you do retain the possibility of a standard electrical connection, in case of a permanent placement at a later date.

Standard Pack Features included with each EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign

Pre-programmed or entirely configurable message display : ultra-vivid LED bulbs in 3 colours

User-friendly software for easy configuration of speed and message displays :

Timer setting –  for school areas

Data recording for both oncoming and outgoing traffic

Intuitive software for traffic data analysis

All updates free of charge

Bluetooth® and Smartphone App

Provision of accessories adapted to your choice of pack (i.e. The Solar pack comes with the bespoke mounting mechanism for the solar panel etc….)

Battery (1,2 or 4 according to the pack chosen)

2 year parts & labour guarantee

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about the EVOLIS Radar Speed Signs

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