The EVOLIS radar speed sign

Rotate the radar to see its details from all angles

The EVOLIS radar speed sign

  • The most visible and effective Radar Speed Sign
  • 20,000+ radars installed worldwide, 10000+ in France.
  • Over 15 years of experience

The radar speed sign that meets all your needs.


Easy to install


Robust and reliable


Effective traffic calming

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With 35.5cm speed digits, large text display, and high-intensity LEDS, the Evolis radar speed sign is the most visible and effective on the market (25% average speed reduction). It detects vehicles up to 300m away with its innovative radar antenna.


Anti-corrosive, anti-UV and entirely weatherproof, the Evolis is super resistant, solid and durable even in extreme conditions:

– very high or very low temperatures
– high traffic volume areas

The Evolis is manfactured in France and guaranteed for 2 years.


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Installed in 15 minutes, the Evolis radar speed sign is:

– lightweight with a universal mounting bar
– intuitive with user-friendly software for setting up the sign and analyzing traffic data
– delivered with pre-set parameters for immediate use

The Evolis radar speed sign can be installed permanently or used as a portable device and rotated to different locations.

Practical and Convenient

Users of the Evolis radar speed signs appreciate its easy-to-use features:

– Bluetooth connectivity so that you can stay in the car at the foot of the radar to download your traffic data and and/or update your settings.

– GPRS to communicate with your sign from any computer connected to the internet with our secure web interface.

Traffic Data

The Evolis radar speed sign records traffic data for both directions of the road. The sign can store data for up to 1 million vehicles, and our free software makes it easy to analyze and interpret. The Evolis collects the data you need.

– average speeds
– maximum speeds
– number of vehicles
– +85th Percentiles


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Design and Concept

Designed as urban furniture, the Evolis radar speed sign, with its curved lines and batteries integrated into the casing enhances any urban or rural environment. The Evolis radar speed sign is designed to combine performance with security, reliability with design.


The Evolis radar speed sign can be installed for example:
– in a school zone
– in a residential area
– in areas with frequent accidents
– at town/village entrances
– on a road with a change in the speed limit

The messages and the colors displayed are customizable, and the speed thresholds can be set according to the speed limit where the sign is installed.


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Multiple Power Options

The low power consumption of the Evolis radar speed sign and the efficiency of the high intensity LEDs make 3 power options possible:
-AC power or street lighting
-solar panel
-batteries and an external charger


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What our customers say about the Evolis Radar Speed Sign


We’ve been delighted with the impact of our Evolis Speed Sign. It’s had a dramatic impact on driver behaviour. It’s also really helpful to be able to easily download the available data.

Cllr David Norman, Barlaston Parish Council


Weston with Gayton Parish Council purchased the Evolis solar speed indicator device in December 2019, using grant funding from the local Safer Roads Partnership. Weston is a small rural parish bordered on two sides by major A roads and the speed of traffic has been cause for concern for many years. The device rotates monthly between the two A roads and anecdotal feedback from residents and visitors to the area has been overwhelmingly positive.

Amanda Kingston, Clerk to Weston with Gayton Parish Council


I have installed the SID and it is working well, very pleased with the result. I was also very impressed with the quality of the fittings and the detailed installation instructions.

Cllr Steve Campbell, Chilton Foliat Parish Council

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Radar Speed Sign effective in the long term?

Yes. A radar speed sign is effective immediately after installation, and its impact is effective in the long term. Studies have been conducted that prove that radar speed signs in general, remain effective even after long term placement… Read more >

How does a radar speed sign work?

The Evolis Radar Speed Sign is equipped with a Doppler radar antenna within it. This radar emits magnetic waves that echo onto the first moving vehicle… Read more >

Can I install a Radar Speed Sign alone?

Yes. It is not necessary to employ any specialist to install your radar which can be a huge saving… Read more >


Improve traffic safety and communication with your residents

With the Evolis radar speed sign, secure the town entrances, school zones, and accident-prone areas in your community. Easy to install and set up, the Evolis radar speed sign slows traffic in rural and urban zones. Make the right decision for your community, invest in an Evolis radar speed sign!

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