St Day Parish Council, Cornwall

Customer review

“St Day Parish has purchased two Evolis Vehicle Activated Speed signs from Elan City. These were sited in December at locations on approaches to the Village in 30mph zones. This was in response to a survey conducted amongst our Residents on issues for improvement around the Parish where vehicle speed was the second item of most concern. We have previous data for one of the locations from a RadarClass unit (black box no display) placed by our County Highways Department which simply monitored volume and speed. Based on the standard assessment which is used for such units we have found that motorists reduced their speed on average from 36mph to 29mph from the period when no sign was in place to that when it was operational. We have seen that the speed of traffic in the opposite direction to the sign display has also reduced, so clearly those who use the route regularly are much more aware of the speed at which they should be driving. The general reaction has been very positive and we view these units as a valuable additional to improving road safety and educating road users of the limits to which they should be driving.”

Chris Bell, Chair St Day Parish Council

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