Hesketh with Becconsall Parish Council, Lancashire

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“During the winter of 2017-2018, we were approached by several residents who voiced strong concerns regarding the excessive speed of vehicles on Shore Road, Station Road & on Moss Lane. The Council responded to this by resolving to purchase and maintain three Speed Indicating & Recording Devices (SPIDs). An exhaustive procurement process was undertaken ultimately resulting in the purchase of three units from the French firm ElanCity whose Evolis product outclassed other similar European competition on both price and facilities; indeed the unit in Station Road was the first imported into this country and is now one of over 13,000 in use worldwide. The device uses radar to detect vehicles up to 300m away and records full details of each vehicle passing – and in both directions! Data obtained is being passed to the police who will follow up with targeted action.”

Ian Cropper, Executive Clerk

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Thanks to the pooling of proven technologies in radar speed signs (electronic, mechanical, software…), we offer a range of complementary products with the same reliability as our educational radars at very competitive prices

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