Cyngor Cymuned Goetre Fawr Community Council, Wales

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“Pictured here is Jonathan Lazenby, Clerk to Goetre Fawr Community Council in South Wales with the Council’s newly installed radar unit. The Community Council has invested in a solar powered unit to help improve road safety around the local School and After School club, where the speed of local traffic has long been an issue of concern for parents and local residents. It is hoped that the new unit, with its speed display and (bilingual!) warning messages, will encourage drivers to observe the 20 mph limit along what is a busy pedestrian area. The unit will also record any vehicles travelling the wrong way down what is a one way street (sadly a not uncommon occurrence), and enable the Community Council to pass this information to the Police for them to take further action as appropriate. The installation has already attracted positive comments from residents and suggestions for additional sites are being made on the Village’s FaceBook page.”

Cyngor Cymuned Goetre Fawr Community Council,

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