Berwick St James Parish Meeting, Wiltshire

Customer review

“After carrying out a considerable amount of research to find a suitable and affordable radar speed sign for the village, we decided that the ElanCity Evolis Radar Speed Sign (RSS) not only provided the best performance but also gave us the best value for money by some margin. The Evolis RSS gives a clear and colour-linked indication of the approaching vehicle’s speed up to a range of 300m, together with an appropriate message under the speed, and we found the equipment is very effective at calming the speed of traffic entering the built-up area. The information displayed was easy to alter if necessary to suit the local speed requirements, and downloading the traffic information stored on the RSS, both for incoming and outgoing vehicles, was equally straightforward and well-presented through the accompanying software. Although the Evolis RSS has been in operation at one of the entrances to our village for only a few months, we are extremely pleased with it, especially fitted to the optional solar power equipment which provides its long-term energy source. Unlike many of its competitors, all the accessories and software were included in the basic price and it came with a 2 year parts and labour warranty. As they say, what is there not to like? We certainly do.”

Neil MacDougall, Berwick St James Parish Meeting

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