Speeds of 100mph clocked by roadside device in Burnham’s Frank Foley Parkway

Motorists have been clocked travelling at speeds of up to 100mph along Burnham-On-Sea’s Frank Foley Parkway by a new roadside speed monitoring device.

Speeds of 81mph have also been recorded along Burnham’s Marine Drive by the speed indicator devices, installed by Burnham and Highbridge Town Council, according to new figures released this week.

Dismayed councillors have this week decided to pass on the data to Burnham-On-Sea Police to ask them to step up speed patrols.

Cllr Andy Hodge told this week’s council meeting: “A high percentage of people are using these roads are doing a good job, staying within the limit, but about 15 per cent are not driving within the limits and some are driving at extremely excessive speeds of up to 100mph, which is extremely dangerous. To me, it is something we should speak to the Police about.”

Cllr Phil Harvey added: “Part of the data that sticks out to me is the outgoing speed figure for Frank Foley Parkway which shows only 76% are going under 30mph, so that means a quarter of those who use the road are exceeding the legal speed limit.”

And Cllr Pete Clayton adds: “I think we have got to get these figures to the Police. There are some truly excessive speeds here and they need to know the facts. Working with them, we can come to some arrangement on speed checks and start fining people who are doing these ridiculous speeds.”

Cllr Chris Allen added: “I was reassured that the figures are mostly good but those people who are doing 100mph or excessive speeds could take someone’s life, so we need to give this information to the Police to see what they can do.”

As Burnham-On-Sea.com reported here, the Town-Council has bought two of the speed indicator devices (SIDs), which flash up the speed of passing vehicles with a green or red message depending on whether the speed limit has been exceeded in an effort to raise awareness of speeding and increase safety.

Councillors unanimously voted to pass on the speeding data to the Police.

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