Most frequently asked questions about the Evoflash Beacon.

How do I adjust the settings of the Evoflash Beacon?

The Housing of the Evoflash Beacon can be opened to access the battery and the parameter setting screen. Once the minimum detection speed has been set using the keyboard, you just have to close the Evoflash Beacon housing and it will be operational.

How can the Evoflash Beacon be installed on an existing post?

We offer several types of clamps so that the Evoflash Beacon can be installed on any type of pole (round, square, etc.)

What is the detection range of the Evoflash Beacon?

When installed according to our recommendations and in an unobstructed environment, the Evoflash Beacon has a detection range of about 100 meters.

What are the power options?

The most popular option is Solar. However, it is possible to use public lighting. In this case, a minimum of 4hrs of continuous charging is necessary to fully charge the battery.

Can you provide the sign with the pole?

We do not manufacture poles, but we can provide them if necessary.

How many LED’s does the Evoflash Beacon use?

The Evoflash Beacon uses 21 LEDs that provide high performance while having very low power consumption. 4 different flashing speeds are available for maximum effect.

From how far away can the Evoflash Beacon be seen?

As soon as the Evoflash Beacon is activated by an oncoming vehicle (100m) it is instantly visible.


How can I help calm motorist behaviour & how can I improve communications with the general public?

By drawing upon our experience in the manufacture of the Evolis, we can now complement our Radar Speed Sign with a new range of equally reliable & competitively priced products.

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