The EVOFLASH Warning Beacon

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The EVOFLASH Warning Beacon

  • The only warning beacon with a radar antenna
  • Can be installed on any existing signpost
  • More than 15 years of experience

The light beacon that meets your needs


Ultra-low power consumption with solar panel


Automatic brightness adjustment


Sleek design

All about the EVOFLASH light beacon


Unlike standard beacons that flash systematically and are quickly ignored by road users, the Evoflash beacon creates a visual alert directly linked to the driver’s behaviour.

If the speed limit is respected, the beacon is not triggered. However, if the driver is speeding, the beacon detects the vehicle and flashes to reinforce the existing signs (pedestrians, school, speed limit, etc.).

Equipped with a photosensitive cell, the Evoflash beacon adapts its luminosity for maximum efficiency.


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Quality/price ratio

Offered at an affordable price, the Evoflash beacon meets both the needs of small communities and the deployment of a large fleet for large cities.


With an existing pole installation kit, the beacon can be installed on any existing pole in your community.

This kit includes a pole extension and a support for the solar panel.

This combination allows installation on any existing pole in a matter of minutes.


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Its sleek design allows it to fit into any environment and existing signage.

The battery and speed selection button are located inside the case to protect the electronics from moisture.


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Energy saving

Thanks to its ultra-low power consumption, the solar panel is more than enough to keep the beacon running all year round. This guarantees that your municipality’s budget is under control.


The technologies used by Elan Cité have been tried and tested for more than 10 years to guarantee your municipality an operational equipment in the long term and in all weather conditions. The components used for the detection and the electronic cards are those used for the educational radars.


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Frequently asked questions

What is the detection range of the Evoflash traffic light?

Installed according to our recommendations and in a clear environment (straight line), the Evoflash lamp has a detection range of approximately 100 metres… Read more >

Are there power options?

Although the majority of Evoflash flashing beacons are solar powered, it is entirely possible to power them via street lighting… Read more >

How far away is the EVOFLASH beacon visible?

The light beacon is visible as soon as it starts flashing, which is about 100 metres. This has a direct impact on the driver’s behaviour… Read more >


Traffic calming in your community

Adaptable and autonomous, the Evoflash beacon can be installed on any existing signpost and thus allows you to reinforce the equipment of your town.

Unlike other flash lights, the Evoflash beacon is equipped with a speed sensor and therefore reacts to the speed of motorists for even greater efficiency.

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