Most frequently asked questions about the Evocity Information Display

How do you communicate with the Evocity Information Display?

It is possible to communicate with the Evocity Information Display via the GPRS network. It is equipped with a SIM card that allows connection via the web. Messages are written in the online interface and then “uploaded” to the information display via the server. Thus, when the information display connects to the server, it downloads the new messages and displays them according to the schedule established at the time of upload (display period, order of priority, etc.).

Can anything other than text messages be displayed?

Although the main purpose of the Evocity Information Display is to display text messages, it is also possible to enhance these messages with graphics. These graphics can be used to illustrate the messages displayed or to contextualize them (e.g., road works, general information, association events etc.). A large library of graphics is available when drafting messages and are regularly updated to reflect the needs of communities.

How many graphics are available in the library?

More than 80 graphics are currently available in different categories (general information, association events, weather, alerts etc.).

From how far away can the messages on the Evocity Information Display be read?

The messages displayed are visible within a range of approximately 3 to 50m.

What is the minimum charging time for the batteries ?

When powered by street lighting, the rule of thumb is that a street light column, active for 4 hours (continuous) will provide sufficient trickle charge to enable the Evocity information Display to run autonomously for around 24 hours.

It is also possible to switch off the Evocity Information Display during certain time slots (generally at night) to conserve battery power. A solar panel can also be added for supplementary power.

What are the dimensions of the Evocity Information Display ?

The graphic display area is 96 (W) x 64 (H) cm.

The housing with the customized name plate is 110 x 92 x 15 cm and weighs less than 20 kg.

What is the maximum number of messages that can be displayed?

The Evocity Information Display works like a carousel, scrolling messages one after the other. It is possible to scroll through up to 70 messages. It is also possible to prioritize certain messages.

How many lines of text can be displayed ?

The Evocity Information Display can display messages from 1 to 8 lines. In the 8-line format, up to 19 characters per line can be written. It is also possible possible to scroll or flash a line of text to give it more visibility.


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