Elan City : the Benchmark in Radar Speed Signs

At Elan City, we are dedicated to providing you with the most affordable, innovative and effective traffic calming solutions.

Who we are

Elan City is the UK subsidiary of the European group Elan Cité.

Based in France, Elan Cité is the world leader in Radar Speed Signs. Since 2005 we have been designing state of the art road safety and urban communication devices for Local Authorities worldwide. Over 13000 of our products are now installed in 45 countries.

We focus our attention on the production of 1 unique model of Radar Speed Sign only. When you combine this with significant manufacturing volumes and an ultra-modern production process, the resulting economies of scale offer you unbeatable value for a tried, tested and technologically advanced product.

Our modus operandi is direct sale and customer focus. We believe that operating in this way allows us to ensure a coherent and thorough customer contact before, during and especially after the purchase of our products.

The Elancity story


Elan Cité, the parent company of Elan City, is created.


Over 1000 EVOLIS devices are sold in France and it is selected by the French Ministry of Transport as part of a national tender exercise.


The Evolis is exported abroad for the first time and proves to be a very popular device in markets worldwide.


Elan City, the American subsidiary of Elan Cité, was created to meet the increasing demand for the Evolis Radar Speed Sign from Local Authorities in the US.


We increasingly develop our international markets and the 5000th Elan Cité device is installed.


Subsidiaries are created in the UK, Germany, Italy & Spain.


More than  13,000 EVOLIS radars have now been installed by over 8000 different customers in 45 countries.

Our Mission

At Elan City, we believe that effective traffic calming solutions should be accessible to all, and that Local Authorities with restricted budgets shouldn’t have to deprive themselves of high quality products. With this as our watchword, our ethos is that only a relentless focus upon continuous product improvement will allow us to maintain our stature as a global leader in effective, innovative and affordable radar speed signs.


Our goal is simple and never changes: to continue to offer the best products at the lowest price !

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